The Weather in Tenerife in July

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The south of Tenerife is generally sunny in July, while the north is affected by clouds.
The south of Tenerife is generally sunny in July, while the north is affected by clouds.

Daytime Maximum Temperatures

July is a fairly hot month in Tenerife – though it doesn’t usually experience the same kind of extreme heat suffered in Southern Mainland Spain at this time of year. The exception to this is when there is a Calima (dust and wind from the Sahara), which can cause temperatures to soar.

Along the east and south coasts, daytime maximums typically range between 25 and 34°C in July. Tenerife South Airport sees an average high of 27.7°C, Santa Cruz sees average highs of 28.7°C, and Tenerife North Airport sees average highs of 24.7°C. Even the Izaña Weather Station, located at 2371 metres above sea level (7778 feet) sees average daily highs of 22.9°C.

The record high for Tenerife South Airport in July is 42.9°C recorded on the 29th of the month in 2007.

Nighttime Low Temperatures

You can expect nighttime minimums of between 19°C and 24°C around the coast in Tenerife in July. Tenerife South Airport sees an average low of 20.1°C and Santa Cruz sees an average low of 21.2°C. This means that you can comfortably sit outside in shorts and a t-shirt in the evening, but you may want to book accommodation with air-conditioning to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Away from the sea and at altitude, nighttime temperatures drop a bit more, and Tenerife North Airport sees average nightly lows of 15.7°C, while the Izaña station sees lows vary between 8 and 19°C at this time of year. If you are staying at the Parador, you should be prepared for the possibility of some cooler evenings.


The south and east of the island are very sunny at this time of year with both Santa Cruz and Tenerife South Airport seeing, on average, less than one completely overcast during the entire month.

On the other hand, the north facing slopes can be especially cloudy at this time of year, as the constant North-easterly Trade Winds bring the Panza de burro or sea of clouds to those slopes. Tenerife North Airport sees an average of 3.1 completely overcast days during July, and a fair amount of partly cloudy weather. Puerto de la Cruz also sees a fair amount of cloud, though the morning clouds often ‘burn off’ there by the early afternoon. Higher altitudes tend to be above the normal cloud level, and are therefore very sunny.


July is nearly always completely dry in the south of the island, and with an average total monthly precipitation of 0.1mm, rain would be a freak occurrence. The northern slopes are a bit wetter, with Tenerife North Airport seeing an average of 3 days with appreciable rain during July totalling about 6mm.

Sea Temperature

The sea continues to heat up through July hitting 21°C, and then 22°C by the end of the month. This is a good temperature for a refreshing dip at the beach on a typical hot and sunny July day.

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