The Harbour at Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Fishing nets on the quayside at Puerto de la Cruz
By Car

As you leave the airport, follow the signs for “TF-1 Granadilla – Santa Cruz, La laguna” onto the northbound TF-1 motorway. Continue on the TF-1 Motorway for about 53km, then take the exit for the TF-2. This exit is very easy to miss, but it is the next exit after “El Chorillo El Tablero”. Follow the signs onto the TF-2 (Aeropuerto Norte) and then continue on the TF-2 and follow the signs for “TF-5 La Laguna Aeropuerto Norte”. Once on the TF-5, you can just follow the signs to Puerto de La Cruz. Click here to compare car rental prices.

By Bus

The 343 bus route from Costa Adeje stops at Tenerife South Airport and is the only direct bus route to Puerto de la Cruz. The journey takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes and costs €13.55. Alternatively, you could catch a 711 (nocturnal) or 10 bus to Santa Cruz, and then a 102, 103 or 104 bus from there to Puerto de la Cruz. More information and timetables can be found at the public bus website here.

By Taxi

It costs between €100 – €120 for a taxi from Tenerife South to Puerto de la Cruz and the journey time is around 70 minutes. There isn’t normally a long wait at the airport taxi rank.

By Airport Transfer

A pre-booked airport shuttle transfer costs as little as €13.49 (which is even cheaper than the public bus) with the added bonus that it will take you all the way to your hotel! A private transfer for up to 4 passengers costs as little as €78.41 – which is quite a bit less than the cost of a taxi. Larger groups can also be catered to with people-carriers and mini-buses available. Click here for more information or to book.

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  1. Julia Sztuczkowska

    Hi, on 19.10.2022 – Wednesday – I’m going from Tenerife to London. I’m staying at Puerto de la Cruz and flying from Reina Sofia Airport to UK. My flight is at 11.15am, so I should be at the airport at 9.15am. At what time should I leave my apartment at Puerto then? The travel by taxi takes about 1h 15min, but are there any traffic jams at that time? How much time should I take for the trip to don’t be late for the plane?

    • administrator

      Hi, I would allow a little longer than 75 minutes just in case there are traffic issues in the La Laguna/Santa Cruz area. I’d imagine that if you leave at about 07:40, you will have plenty of time.

  2. Mrs Amy J Mathews

    we are staying in the hotel best semiramis in puerto de la cruz in january and would like to book a hotel transfer but cant find the hotel how do i go about a direct transfer ?

    • administrator

      Hi, I spoke to the transfer company, and they have now added Best Semiramis Hotel, so you should be able to book your transfer.

    • Tracey Kay


      Myself and my daughter are also staying at the Semiramis in January . We arrive on 23rd at 12.10 and are thinking of booking the transfer. Did you manage to book please?

      • Eilish Coffey

        Hi, my friend and I arrive in to tenerife South airport at 20.30 on Wednesday the 15th of February, we would like to book a transfer shuttle to Porto de lá Cruz, hotel semiramis.

        Kind Regards

  3. Therese

    Hi, we are travelling home from Puerto de la Cruz to Tenerife South airport for a flight back to the UK at 11.10 am on Tuesday 8th November. Can we take a bus there? If so, what time would it leave from Puerto ? Many thanks x

  4. Samia

    Hi, we will stay in Precise resort Tenerife in
    Camino Burgado,1, Puerto de la Cruz, 38410, Spain

    I tried to book transfer from Tenerife south airport to the hotel but couldn’t find the hotel in the list. Would you please advice me how to transfer? Thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, That Hotel used to be known as Maritim Hotel Tenerife, which you can find in the list.

  5. Marcus


    We are arriving this coming Wednesday 14/12 to Tenerife South at around 18.30pm and need to get to Puerto de la Cruz (Hotel Chimisay). Any idea what’s my best bet to get there? There are 4 of us (2 adults and 2 kids), and just checked on CICAR website, and apparently I can book a car for 3 days picking it up from Tenerife South Airport and returning in Puerto de la Cruz for less than €100. Can that be possible? Or you reckon there are hidden costs? I checked the shuttle option but Hotel Chimisay is not included within their options, I wonder if I should just type “Puerto de la Cruz” and leave it at that, and maybe tell the drive while we are getting there the name of the hotel and he might bring us there? I checked the 343 option on the Titsa website but its confusing, it looks like arriving 18.30pm at Tenerife South Airport and going towards Puerto de la Cruz the only bus left is the last one and it leaves the airport at 21.55pm and it doesnt even say at what time you arrive in Puerto de la Cruz, is that possible? As you can see, I am doing the research but I am not too sure what is best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!!

    • administrator

      Hi, I have used Cicar many times , and there are usually no hidden costs – sometimes there has been a deposit for the fuel, which you get back if you fill the car up before returning it. The price sounds about right for off season, so that sounds like a good option for you.

  6. Andy

    Hi, could you tell me where is the bus stop at Tenerife South airport to get the 343? Thank you!

  7. Sarah

    Hi, we are arriving this Friday (30th) around 6 pm at Tenerife South and can’t seem to book a shared shuttle transfer to Puerto de la Cruz (Atlantic Mirage). Is it still possible to do so? The booking form seems to only have January bookings available. Thank you!

  8. Bradley

    We leave Puerto de le Cruz on Sunday and need to get back to Tenerife South Airport for our flight at 18:20.
    Is our best opinion the 343 bus as a taxi cost is 106€?
    Hoping we are correct, we are thinking we’d need to get the 14:45 bus to arrive in time? Does this sound right?
    Thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, No, on Sundays you would need to catch the 13:40 bus, as the 14:45 only runs from Monday to Friday.

      • Georgina

        Would it still be the 343 and would it still go straight to the airport? And would it also go from the bus station still? (Sorry we just like it know what we are doing so we don’t get stuck)

  9. Anne Golden

    Hi, To it may concern, My Husband and I will be arriving tomorrow evening at Tenerife south airport at 19:00, we are staying in Puerto de La Cruz. We are wondering what is the best bus route to take.
    Thanking You Anne Golden

    • administrator

      Hi, Unfortunately there is no direct bus that corresponds with your arrival time (the next direct bus is at 21:55). So you will have to get a bus to Santa Cruz first (no. 10), and then a 102, 103 or 104 bus from there to Puerto de la Cruz.

  10. J Young

    Is it possible to book a transfer from Tenerife Airport South to the hotel Dwo Nopal in Puerto de la Cruz, please?

    Thank you for your help!

    • administrator

      Hi, That hotel is in a pedestrianised zone, so therefore the buses cannot drop you off there. You could get a transfer to a nearby hotel such as AF Valle Orotava Hotel, and walk from there.
      Hope this helps.

    • administrator

      The last 343 bus from Tenerife South Airport on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays is currently at 19:45.

  11. anne

    This is a very helpful site, thank you. We arrive at Aeropuerto Sur on Wednesday 22nd, at 13.30, time to clear the bags etc maybe 1 hour, so looking for a bus to Puerto de la Cruz. It looks like the 343 doesn’t go until 17.55; am I correct in thinking we could get a 30 bus to the north airport then another one to our resort? Thanks.

    • administrator

      Hi, No, the no.30 bus is from Tenerife North Airport to Puerto de la Cruz, it does not go to Tenerife South Airport. You are probably better off booking a transfer.

  12. Julie Gough

    Hi my son will be arriving tomorow at 18.15,can you tell me what time the next 343 to Puerto de la cruz would be from South? Thank you

  13. Lilian

    Hi, I arrive 15th March at 16.25 in the afternoon at south airport. My apartment is in Puerto de la Cruz. Is there a 343 bus from the airport at that time?
    And is it correct that the Jardin Botanico is a stop?

    • administrator

      Hi, The next 343 bus from TFS is at 17:55, and yes, it stops at Jardin Botanico.

      • Lilian

        Great, thanks. One more question: do you know the aproximate time of arrival at Jardin Botanico?

  14. Jamie Rigby

    My flight arrives at Tenerife South on May 22nd at 18.50.
    My accommodation is the 4Dreams Hotel Chimisay – address is Agustín de Bethencourt, 14, The best-rated area in Puerto de la Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, 38400.
    Can I book a transfer?

  15. Andrea Wall

    How long is the journey from TRC airport to Puerto de la Cruz in the shuttle

  16. Peter

    hi, i am interested in Airport Transfer, how can they be so cheap, are the pickup times very broad ? will i have to wait for the bus for a long time?

  17. Mojca

    Today at 20oclock we arrive to Tenerife south and would need transfer to puerto de la cruz. Do I neccecary have to make reservation for shuttle bus in advance? When would we have the bus (2persons) and how much would it cost? Thank you for answering

  18. Robert Bowling

    Hello I’m arriving in tenerife on Wednesday at 17.50 what time is 343 bus to purto de cruz thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, If you mean 06:30, then the next one is at 09:55 on weekdays, and 09:25 at weekends and public holidays.
      If you mean 18:30, then the next one is at 21:55 on weekdays, and 19:45 on weekends and public holidays.

  19. Catalin Tudor

    What is the transport duration with the airport-shuttle transfer ? Is it faster than the 343 bus ?
    In the case of a delayed flight will I lose the money for the airport-shuttle transfer I booked ?

    • administrator

      Hi, It is difficult to give an exact time, since this depends on how many other passengers there are, and whether the bus has to stop at other hotels first. It could be faster or slower than the 343 bus.
      In case of delayed or cancelled flight, you should notify the transfer company as soon as possible, and you will receive a refund.

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