Binter Canarias ATR 72–500
A Binter Canarias ATR 72–500 on the ground in Tenerife North Airport.

Tenerife’s two airports are well connected with the other Canary Islands, major Spanish and European cities as well as with Caracas, Venezuela.

The northern Airport, Tenerife North or los Rodeos (Airport Code: TFN) is the hub for many inter-island connections and is located close to La Laguna, Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz). Tenerife’s other airport, Tenerife South or Reina Sofia (Airport Code: TFS) serves the southern resorts. Occasionally the archaic code TCI (an old code for TFN) is used to either refer to Tenerife North or to Tenerife as a whole.

Flight Duration

Flight times from the UK vary between 4 and 5 hours depending on to departure point (longer for the north of England and Scotland) and weather conditions.

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  1. Edward Moss

    Dear Sir,
    I am English and am a resident of Spain.
    I have had both of my Covin vaccinations.
    Under the new Covin rules, being introduced as of today, can I now visit Tenerife for a short holiday. I would be flying from Jerez to Tenerife North.
    If so, what travel documents will I need to fly?
    Your Faithfully
    Edward Moss

    • administrator

      Apologies for the delay in replying – things have not been clear due to a court ruling. As far as I can tell, you will still need a valid PCR test for the moment, though this may change if a vaccination passport is introduced.

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