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How much is a restaurant meal in Tenerife?

There are restaurants to match every budget in Tenerife: you can still find three course Menu del Día lunch menus with a drink for less than €10 and Full English Breakfasts for less than €3, but also pay €150+ for a meal for two in one of the island’s many fine dining restaurants. A three course meal with fillet steaks and a descent bottle of wine for two would typically cost less than €100 in a mid-range restaurant, a large Chinese meal for two with drinks can be had for under €50, and two pizzas with a bottle of wine can be enjoyed in an Italian restaurant for less than €40.

Bar prices in Tenerife

In the South (Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos etc.), there are some incredible deals available on beers to entice punters in: some places have large beers for as little as €0.95! These deals tend to be during the day, with lots of places offering large beers for around €2.50 at night. Irish bars tend to be a bit more expensive, with local beers costing about €4, and Guinness about €5. Gin and Tonics cost from €5.50 upwards (depending on the gin), with similar prices for a local Rum and Coke. A glass of wine typically costs about €3.50 and alcopops start at about €3. You may find €4 offers on Mojitos and other cocktails, however, most cocktails cost between €5 and €10. In the North, prices are similar, but without the rock-bottom €1 large beer offers.

Taxi prices in Tenerife

Local Taxi journeys are fairly economical, with most short journeys inside the confines of a resort town costing less than €5, however, as soon as you leave the zona urbana, or go onto the motorway, the taxi fare will become quite expensive.

Here are some sample fares from Tenerife South Airport:
South Tenerife Airport to Playa de las Americas: €27
South Tenerife Airport to Puerto de la Cruz: €105
South Tenerife Airport to Los Gigantes: €65
A cheaper option for getting to your resort (especially if travelling from Tenerife South to Puerto de la Cruz) is a pre-booked airport transfer.

Transfers from Tenerife South Airport to your Accommodation

Supermarket prices in Tenerife

These are some sample prices from a larger supermarket in the South of Tenerife (September 2022):
Milk 1 litre UHT: €1.00
Orange Juice 1 litre: €1.25
Coca Cola 1.5 litre: €1.13
Water 5 litre: €1.02
Corn Flakes 375g: €2.08
Coffee 500g ground: €2.19
6 Eggs: €1.25
Shower gel 750ml: €1.22
Toothpaste Colgate: €1.50
Nivea Sunscreen 400ml: €10.90
33cl Heineken Can: €0.52
33cl Spanish Beer Can (Mahou): €0.56
Bottle Rioja Crianza (Beronia): €6.69
Bottle Gin 1 Litre (Gordon’s): €11.49
Bottle Scotch 1L Johnnie Walker Black Label : €26.83
Bottle Cava: €6.10

Tobacco Prices in Tenerife

Tobacco prices (along with Alcohol) are much lower in the Canaries than elsewhere in Spain due to the local tax regime. A carton of 200 Marlboro cigarettes costs about €35 in a supermarket, with some UK brands costing about €40. Tobacco tends to be a little more expensive in the airport (unless there is an offer), and the you may find the best deal on the plane – especially if you are looking for a brand that is more popular in your home country than elsewhere.

Sunbeds and Umbrellas

Two sunbeds with a parasol on the beach costs between €9 and €12 depending on the beach.

Car Hire

A small car costs between €110 and €280 per week (depending on whether it is peak season or not) from Autoriesen or Cicar.
Click here to compare car rental prices from Tenerife South Airport.

Petrol and Diesel

Fuel prices are much lower in the Canary Islands than elsewhere in Spain, and Tenerife has the lowest prices in the Canary Islands! However prices can vary by up to about €0.27 per litre between one petrol station and another. The newspaper El Dia published regularly updated lists of the prices in all of Tenerife’s service stations: you can view petrol prices here, and diesel prices here.

Currently (September 2022), the Spanish Government is subsiding fuel by €0.20 per litre. This subsidy is only deducted when you go to pay, and is not applied on the actual fuel pump meter or in advertised price outside the service station.

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