The weather in Tenerife in February

Mount Teide on a winter's day
Mount Teide on a winter’s day

February is one of the coldest months of the year in Tenerife with highs barely above those in January, and slightly cooler nights. The weather can be unsettled and unreliable at this time of year, and while some Februaries have great sunny weather, others can be wet and cool. As always, the south of the island is sunnier, and the north cloudier, so to improve your chances of a sunny holiday, you should book accommodation in the south of the island.

Daytime High Temperatures

At Tenerife South Airport, daily maximums range between about 19 and 26°C in February, with an average high of 22°C. In the north, temperatures are slightly cooler, with average highs of 21.2°C in Santa Cruz, and 16.7°C at Tenerife North Airport. Temperatures in the high mountains are obviously much colder, and snow is common at high altitudes at this time of year.

As stated previously, some years are considerable warmer than others, and some Februaries see average highs as high as 24.3°C. The record high temperature for February at Tenerife South Airport is 31.9°C – recorded on the 24th of the month in 2020.

Nighttime Temperatures

Around the coast, temperatures typically drop to around 15°C at night in February. The coldest nights may drop as low as 12°C, while the mildest nights can be around 17°C. Either way, you will definitely need a jacket or cardigan at night – especially if you plan to sit outside.

Away from the coast it’s a different story: the average minimum at Tenerife North Airport in February is 10°C, and nightly lows at the Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide are often sub-zero.


February is one of the wetter months on the island, however, as usual there is massive difference between the north and south of the island.

Tenerife South Airport sees an average of 3.5 days with appreciable rain during February. In terms of total precipitation, the southern airport sees an average of 16.6mm during the entire month. Of course, the south has a desert climate and it is not unusual for there to be no rain at all during the month.

The north of the island is another story, and Tenerife North Airport sees an average of around 10 days with rain in February (71mm), while Santa Cruz sees sees an average of 7.2 days with rain (31.5mm).

Cloud Cover

As with rainfall, there is also a big difference between the north and south of the island when it comes to cloud cover. The south of the island will typically see just one completely overcast day during February, while the north will see an average of 6 overcast days.

February isn’t a particularly cloudy time of year in the south of the island, and while most days will see some cloud in the sky (often thin, or out-to-sea), about one third days are completely clear of any cloud whatsoever.

Sea Temperature

The sea is usually at its coldest in the Canary Islands in February with temperatures of about 19°C around Tenerife. Most people will find this tolerable for a quick dip on a warm day, but a wetsuit is advisable if you plan any snorkelling or surfing.

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