The Weather in September in Tenerife

Still Summer in September?

September is very much a summer month in Tenerife – in fact, it is the second hottest month of the year in the south (August is the hottest). This is also a good month to visit Puerto de la Cruz, even if there is sometimes some thin cloud (which you can easily get sunburnt under).

Los Cristianos, Tenerife
Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Daytime Maximum Temperatures

Along the south and east coasts, daily high temperatures usually range between 25 and 33°C in September. Tenerife South Airport sees an average daily high of 27.9°C, while Santa Cruz sees average daily highs of 28.1°C.

Tenerife North Airport is slightly cooler, with average daytime highs of 24.9°C.

Overnight Low Temperatures

Average minimum temperatures remain above 21°C in the south of the island and in Santa Cruz. Temperatures may drop a tiny bit more overnight in Puerto de la Cruz, but even there it would be unusual to need a jacket or cardigan. With these warm nighttime temperatures, an air-conditioned hotel room is advisable to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Away from the sea, temperatures may be cooler, and Tenerife North Airport sees average lows of 16.5°C at this time of year.

Cloud Cover

Tenerife South Airport sees an average of two overcast days during September, while Tenerife North Airport sees about three. As usual, the south is sunnier, but you are unlikely to have difficulty getting a sun tan (or being burnt) anywhere on the island at this time of year.


September is usually a fairly dry month in Tenerife, often with no rain at all in the south, but occasionally there can be extreme downpours such as occurred in 2022.

On average, Tenerife South Airport sees just 1.2 days with rain, and a total average precipitation of 3.6mm during all of September. However, this is subject to extreme variation, and the amount of rain can vary from 0mm all the way to the 108.6mm recorded in September 2022.

The north always sees at least some rain in September, with Tenerife North Airport seeing 4 or 5 days with appreciable rain, and an average monthly total of 16.1mm.

Sea Temperature

The sea around Tenerife is at its peak temperature in September with a median temperature of over 23 degrees Celsius. This is perfect for a refreshing swim to cool off from the hot sun at the beach.

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