The Weather in October in Tenerife

Although there is a small risk of some bad weather (especially towards the end of the month), October is generally a great time of year to visit Tenerife. The days are still hot (warmer than June), but without the extreme heat of August, and the evenings are warm.

Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz
Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz

Daytime High Temperatures

In the south, daytime temperatures typically range between 24 and 31°C in October. Tenerife South Airport sees an average high of 26.8°C, while Santa Cruz sees an average high of 26.3°C. Puerto de la Cruz may be a degree or so cooler.

Inland, and at altitude, daytime temperatures are cooler, with Tenerife North Airport seeing an average high of 22.5°C, and the Izaña Weather Station (2371m) seeing highs of 14.3°C.

Nighttime Low Temperatures

Nighttime temperatures remain warm in October with average minimums around the coast of around 20°C. The coldest night of the month doesn’t usually drop below 17°C, so you can usually eat outside on a terrace at night in very light clothing. The warm nights do mean that an air-conditioned room is advisable to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

As you might expect, temperatures at altitude away from the coast can drop quite a bit more, and Izaña sees average lows of about 7°C in October.


As always, the north is cloudier than the south, and Tenerife North Airport sees an average of 4.8 completely overcast days during October. The north sees some cloud nearly every day, with an average of just two days with no cloud whatsoever. It should be noted that these figures are for Tenerife North Airport, and that it’s usually quite a bit sunnier at sea level in Puerto de la Cruz than further up the slopes.

In the south, there is an average of just two completely overcast days in October – more likely towards the end of the month.


After the dry summer months, the south of the island may see the first rain of the autumn towards the end of the month. The average precipitation for the month is 11.5mm, though this isn’t very helpful since some years see no rain, while others have seen torrential downpours.

The northern slopes of the island see a lot more rain than the south, and Tenerife North Airport gets an average of 46.5mm of rain in October. Unlike the south, there have always been at least a couple of days of rain in October since records began.

Sea Temperature

The sea remains close to its warmest in October around Tenerife with a median temperature of 23°C. This often feels warmer than during the summer due to the smaller difference between the air and sea temperature.

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