The Weather in August in Tenerife

Sun setting over a Sea of Clouds, Tenerife
Sun setting over a Sea of Clouds, Tenerife

August is the hottest month of the year in Tenerife with hot days and warm nights. While the south tends to be very sunny, the northern slopes of the island are often affected by the Panza de burro phenomenon and therefore quite cloudy.

Daytime High Temperatures

The southern resorts tend to see daytime highs of between 25 and 34°C in August, and Tenerife South Airport has an average high of 28.4°C. Santa Cruz is also very warm at this time of year with an average high of 29°C. Incidently, the highest temperature ever recorded on the island was 44.3°C, recorded at Tenerife South Airport on the 16th of August 2021.

The northern part of the island, though slightly cooler, is still very summery, and Tenerife North Airport sees an average high of 25.7°C.

Nighttime Low Temperatures

In the south, temperatures drop to between about 19 and 24°C, with an average low of 21.1°C. Santa Cruz and the large south coast resort towns will be slightly warmer again (Santa Cruz sees an average minimum of 21.9°C), so air-conditioning is advised for a comfortable night’s sleep at this time of year.

Inland and at altitude, temperatures drop further still to the mid-teens Celsius depending on the location. Puerto de la Cruz is probably slightly cooler than the south, but will still be fairly warm and sticky.

Cloudy in the North?

The south of the island remains very sunny in August with an average of less than one completely overcast day during the entire month. The situation is similar in Santa Cruz, where there is an average of 18 cloud-free days during the month.

The north-facing slopes are quite a bit cloudier, and Tenerife North Airport sees an average of 2.5 completely overcast days, and only 5.6 completely clear days. Puerto de la Cruz can also see a fair amount of cloud, though this often ‘burns off’ by the afternoon.


August is a dry month everywhere on the island, with Tenerife South Airport often seeing no rain at all with an average of just 1.3mm total precipitation during the entire month. It’s the driest month of the year in the north, and Tenerife North Airport sees an average of 5.2mm over the month, and only 2 or 3 days with any appreciable rain.

Sea Temperature

The median sea temperature around Tenerife is 22 or 23°C in August – a perfect temperature for a refreshing swim in the sea.

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